It’s commonly understood that installing solar panels on your roof and driving electric cars will best combat climate change and address our ever-rising CO2 emissions — I thought the same thing not too long ago. I kept asking myself existential questions like: “Should I take shorter showers to save water? Ride a bike to work to reduce emissions? Compost all of my coffee grounds, eggshells, and food waste in my backyard? Cancel my Amazon Prime membership?”

All of these ideas are great. But by far, the most important thing you can do is shockingly simple; stop eating meat.

A 2006…

Even though I am currently home from college for Thanksgiving break, I find myself surrounded by schools of thought; pictures painted of unity, and a sanitized version of history that obscures and whitewashes the painful colonial violence against the Native Americans.

The more and more I break away from these schools of thought, taught by society and our education system in tandem, I realize that most of our holiday celebrations are flawed. Thanksgiving in particular wasn’t all “peace, love, and pass the peas.”

In the US, Thanksgiving is a time for family, parades, good food, and reflection. But the reflection…

The United States leads in many things, though most of them are not things to be proud of: incarceration rates, student loan debt, cost of healthcare, the highest share of income going to the top one percent — the list goes on.

One aspect that I think contributes to all of the issues just mentioned is the fact that the United States has the highest percentage of legislators with a background in law.

Tyler Suarez

Musician. Artist. Activist.

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